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"It is striking and most memorable to see how many countless and diverse options exist,

thereby allowing the perfect union of two pieces of common timber. 

The great reward of one's effort is to be able to step back and reflect upon the end and final work. 

Two elements transformed into one common and yet masterful component ... powerful, noble, and lasting."

Author Unknown 

 Exacting Craftsmanship - Timeless  Character & Quality - Warmth & Beauty

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This web chapter features our photo galleries, with our galleries highlighting projects

built in several of our various building package options.  Viewers often send us an email to

comment on how much they enjoy the design and photo galleries, and how beneficial the information

they have found on this web site has been, as they too plan their special new home or project. 

We trust that you too will find that the time you spend visiting our site to be a special blessing to you.    

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