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Design Galleries

The design galleries provided in this chapter offer a very large selection of beautiful plans for viewing.  We invite you to take a tour through the galleries

and perhaps you will find the design you have been searching for.  We currently feature over 300 exciting home plans showing some of the possibilities

in the log and timber framed home living experience.  We also offer a number of pre-priced home packages with either "log shell only"

 or or full "weather tight" options, plus the other included items such as interior doors, trim, and more. 

 Below are some web page links for pre-priced home packages, along with web page links for estimating guidelines for other home packages, construction costs,

and completed home costs.  Links to all of the beautiful design galleries are also included, further down on this page or in the tool bar to the left.

A Handcrafted Gallery Slide Show

This slide show is a small sampling of the attractive styles of handcrafted log

post and beam and timber framed homes we offer.  These homes combine the finest

handcrafted and intricately joined timber work available,

dynamically elevating every project. 

Profiles include full scribe technique in round log and mortise 

and tenon timber framed joinery in square timber.

Wood species: Old growth Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir.


For a larger view in HTML: Handcrafted Gallery Slide Show 1

- Our Design Galleries & Links -

The White Eagle Design Series: Visit The White Eagle Design Series

While several of White Eagle's popular designs currently offered in our Yankee Handcrafted Series are also featured in our Featured Plans section,

you will find numerous other custom designs in the White Eagle Design Series.  Included are The Snow Valley, The Caribou Ridge, The Springbrook,

and other favorites.  Handcrafted log, log post and beam, and timber frame applications are all featured. 

Honest Abe Plans:  Visit Honest Abe Plans

Find three exceptional series of plans, along with "weather tight" shell materials packages and package pricing.

Included are:

- The MillCrafted Design Series -

Visit The MillCrafted Design Series

- The RuStick Series -

Visit The RuStick Series

- The Sportsman Cabin Series -

Visit The Sportsman Cabin Series

Beautiful plans designed for

affordability, curb appeal, and flexibility. 

These plans fit all budgets, from

cabins to estate homes. 

Choose from several log profiles, or

our affordable timber framed selection.

The beautiful look and feel of log home

living from a conventionally framed

structure.  Affordable, attractive,

and simplified construction, see our

newest plan selections all designed

for a very modest budget.

Small log cabin designs, ideal for

applications such as hunting cabins,

garden cottages, outdoor auxiliary

structures and more. 

Our most complete package is our

"Ultimate Package + Plus" option. 

The RCM CAD Design Series: Visit The RCM CAD Design Series

Strong, rugged and bold are a few descriptive phrases often heard.  Ideal for our handcrafted log or large MillCrafted log style, this very large plan series

emphasizes the use of large log and timber applications.  And if you are looking for attractive small cabin designs, visit our RCM Small Cabins web page. 

Here you will find 6 designs ranging from 484 square foot to 994 square foot, perfect for a weekend get away, "empty nesters", or perhaps a starter home.

The Custom Craft Plan Series: Visit The Custom Craft Plan Series

Our newest addition to our plans galleries includes 25 of our favorite RCM CAD designs, ranging from 826 - 15,281 square foot in size.

This design collection has been specially selected for applications employing large log profiles offered in our Pioneer Custom Craft Log option.

A printable booklet of 32 pages is offered, including all plans and other pertinent information, neatly bundled for excellent presentation.

The Handcrafted Cedar Homes Series: Visit Handcrafted Cedar Homes

Presenting 44 handcrafted log designs with log shell pricing available upon request.  Included are 3 galleries of designs pages with plans ranging from over

2,200 to 3,500 square feet in size, all with excellent features and curb appeal.  As indicated, these designs are offered in Western Red Cedar log wall materials.

The Timber Framed Series: Visit The Timber Framed Design Series

A variety of our traditional timber framed designs, including cape, saltbox, and prow designs.  Mortise and tenon timber frames, complex joinery of Douglas Fir

 timbers, connected with hardwood pegs.  The timber frames are all supplied with SIPS panel enclosures, Loewen windows, tongue and groove decking, and more!

The Panelized Series: Visit The Panelized Series

Including: The CedarCrafted Design Series: Modestly priced framed homes, finished in Western Red Cedar, both inside and out.  Perfect for lake homes,

weekend getaways or vacation homes, or primary residence and year round living.  Wall systems are prebuilt for fast resetting at the job site! 

Also Available: The ValueCrafted Design Series: Affordable framed homes for first time buyers, "empty nesters", and the most challenging budgets. 

As the name implies, this selection offers a lot of value and a very complete package at a reasonable cost. 

Like our CedarCrafted option, wall systems are prebuilt for fast resetting at the job site!

The European Series: Visit The European Design Series

Tradition, culture, and old world craftsmanship are the essentials throughout this series.  From simple cabins and cottages to large handcrafted log residences,

the look and quality is evident in every design.  One of our favorites is is the House-Milt, a beautiful four storey design in the fashion of a Dutch windmill. 

For options, you can also choose from our laminated log wall system option, where the log work is produced from laminated kiln dried dimensioned materials.

More Plans!:  View even more plans in our Plan Of The Month, Featured Plans, and our Featured Specials galleries.  

For assistance concerning any of the designs found in this chapter, or for custom architectural design services for your next project,

please send your request to:

- Pre-Priced Log & Timber Framed Home Packages -

We currently offer package pricing on over 59 designs featured on this web site.

Plans with package pricing and page links are offered in our Honest Abe Plans galleries, and on the following web pages:

MillCrafted Designs 1   MillCrafted Designs 3   MillCrafted Designs 5  

Featured Specials 1   Featured Specials 2   Featured Specials 3   Featured Specials 4

Materials package pricing for all plans featured in the galleries noted above is available on each particular web page. 

Honest Abe Plans that are not currently "Pre-Priced", but offer pricing quotes by request, are located on the following web pages:

MillCrafted Designs 2, the Legacy Classic Series and MillCrafted Designs 4, the Legacy Big Sky Western Series.

RuStick Series, conventional framed homes in our RuStick Series log style and Sportsman Cabin Collection, small compact cabin designs.

For additional assistance and pricing on any plans in these galleries, send your request to:

Featured Plans With Pricing Available Upon Request, For Handcrafted Log or 12" MillCrafted Log Options:

Featured Plans 1 (The Blue Ridge & The Mountain Laurel)   Featured Plans 5 (The Drafting Cottage)

 - Estimating Materials Package Costs & Construction Costs -

Of the 300+ plans on our web site, only the plans noted at the top of this web page currently offer package pricing.

Pricing estimates for plans not currently priced out can be provided by special request.

For additional general cost estimating guide line information and construction costs, visit: FAQ's & Printable Flyers.  

You can also find additional plans and information fliers on FAQ's & Printable Flyers, as also noted above.

- Pricing Policy -

We will price out any plan shown on our web site.  For pricing of plans from White Eagle Building Systems, pricing is available upon request.  For 

pricing of any plans from contributing designers, we can supply an estimate only at no cost, or we will supply a 30 day quote upon receipt and review of the

contributing designers full working print.  There are plans costs involved so any interested party must first purchase the plan from the contributing designer, 

or arrange for purchase of the selected plan or plans through White Eagle Building Systems.  See Also: Pricing Policy & Solutions.


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